About us

A tool for Radiology

XOLANI BRIDGE, our proprietary imaging and teleradiology solution is designed to integrate seamlessly into clinical workflows. With real-time collaboration features, our platform optimizes the interpretation process, providing hospitals with convenient access to radiologists. Through our innovative technology, we aim to enhance medical imaging services, reduce delays, and drive better patient outcomes. Our online platform connects hospitals with a global community of radiologists, ensuring timely access to accurate interpretations and improving patient outcomes.

XOLANI BRIDGE is a product of Xolani Health, we are on a mission to revolutionize healthcare accessibility in Nigeria. With a severe shortage of radiologists and the resulting challenges faced by hospitals, we provide an innovative solution.

AI Driven Solution

Using a combinations of AI (Machine and Deep Learning), and software that will help radiologists improve the speed and accuracy of reporting and will support pathologists, radiologists, and scientists in Africa to rapidly make diagnoses and decisions from medical imaging and pathological investigation

Suitable for the African Market

AI is set to fuel new economic growth. According to a recent study on the long-term economic impact of AI around the world, AI has the potential to double a country’s GDP growth rate by 2035. The ability to harness even a fraction of this benefit would be a powerful tool for development. This impact will be particularly strong in a few core sectors that are key for Africa, including agriculture, healthcare, and financial services.

Healthcare in Third World Nations


Health care in Sub-Saharan Africa remains the worst in the world, with few countries able to spend the $34 to $40 a year per person that the World Health Organization considers the minimum for basic health care.


The country spends 4.2% of the GDP on health care (comparable with India and Papua New Guinea), with a relatively low doctor ratio with 1 practitioner to 1,000 population. For foreign workers, a high level of care is available from good quality private and government hospitals, most with English-speaking doctors.

Latin America

The cost of healthcare in places such as Mexico, Columbia, and Panama is significantly less than in the US, despite offering excellent quality of care. Compared to the US, medical procedures in Mexico and Costa Rica can save you 36% – 89% and 44% – 89%, respectively.

Our Vision at Xolani Health

Medical Excellence

Provide AI solutions to help modernize and digitize clinical operations and get more value from the ever-expanding health data.

Artificial Intelligence

To provide AI-Powered teleradiological tools for radiologists to help with the analysis, disease-detection, reporting and second opinion of radiological images.

Speed and Accuracy

Improve speed and acuracy of diagnosis through our platform.