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All you have to do is head on to our platform at , sign up either as a radiologists or an institution (Hospital & Diagnostic Centers), Get verified to enable you practice on the platform as a radiologist, Upload your study and be matched with qualified radiologists, make your payment, Receive your report within 1 – 2 hours.
It is a Suite of Neural Network AI Models (XolaNets) that analyzes medical images for the purpose of assisting the radiologist in disease detection, reporting and also for second opinions.
Awesome! It is easy. All you need to do is sign up and choose a plan that best suites your interest. Signin and get access to our Xolani AIR Dashboard and our amazing features.
Xolani AIR (AI Radiology) is a Cloud-based, Software as-a-Service tool that provides high-quality, assisted diagnostics in radiology and clinical pathology workflows. Please signup here to get started.
Yes! With just a little token. Please do check our plans.
Xolani AIR was built to target Radiologist, Pathologist and Doctors.
No! Not now and not in the future either. The Xolani AIR is a platform that puts AI in the hands of radiologists and doctors.
DICOM-X is a Cloud-based, AI assisted dicom viewer that provides a cutting edge experience in analyzing medical images such as CT , MRI, etc.