Products built by the Xolani Health Team which analyzes medical images for the sole purpose of assisting radiologist/pathologist in disease detection, reporting and also to serve as a second opinion.


Xolani Bridge

Xolani Bridge is web based teleradiology platform that provides easy access to an online global community of radiologist to collaborate, share and analyze medical images in real time.


DICOM-X – an AI-assisted collaborative DICOM Viewer for radiologists and doctors which provides a cutting edge experience in analyzing medical images in real time.

Xolani AIR Web App

Xolani AIR (AI Radiology) Web App is a Cloud-based, SaaS tool that provides high-quality, assisted diagnostics in radiology and clinical pathology workflows.
Medical Images are uploaded and our cloud-based AI models detect possible health issues and then generate a reports.

Xolani AIR Mobile App

The mobile app is much like the PC Application - except it's on mobile devices. Xolani AIR Mobile app will have different modalities. It can work directly with imaging equipment by connecting to them or images can be transfered unto the phone for diagnosis.

Key Features of Our Solution


Report Generation

Medical reports are quickly and easily generated for any diagnosis done.

Models are downloaded

To ensure less usage of mobile data, Images are only uploaded to our server if the AI model is larger the image itself. Otherwise, the models are downloaded unto the image and diagnosis is performed.

Heat Map Generation

Our DICOM Viewer overlays the medical image with a heatmap that highlights the suspicious abnormal regions

Model Activation

Models can be downloaded and activated for offline use. This is helpful in towns and areas where there is little or no internet.